Srikanth Malla

I am Srikanth Malla, currently leading initiatives as a Staff AI ML Engineer at Samsung Semiconductor US. My journey in tech began with roles at Honda Research Institute (HRI), USA, and Kinetic Automation, where I focused on research and development in Computer Vision and Machine Learning. My passion lies in the realm of intelligent robotics; I am driven by the vision of creating robots that coexist and assist humans, enhancing our everyday life. My academic foundation includes a Master's in Robotics Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), obtained in September 2018. Beyond my professional endeavors, I delve into projects that range from self-driving car technologies to deep learning applications, constantly seeking innovative ways to apply my skills in AI and machine learning to solve real-world problems.



DRAMA: Joint Risk Localization and Captioning in Driving
Srikanth Malla, Chiho Choi, Isht Dwivedi, Joon Hee Choi, Jiachen Li
WACV 2023
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NEMO: Future Object Localization Using Noisy Ego Priors
Srikanth Malla, Isht Dwivedi, Behzad Dariush, Chiho Choi
ITSC 2022
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Bird's Eye View Segmentation Using Lifted2D Semantic Features
Isht Dwivedi, Srikanth Malla, Yi-Ting Chen, Behzad Dariush
BMVC 2021
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LOKI: Long Term and Key Intentions for Trajectory Prediction
Harshayu Girase*, Haiming Gang*, Srikanth Malla, Jiachen Li, Akira Kanehara, Karttikeya Mangalam, Chiho Choi
ICCV 2021
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RAIN: Reinforced Hybrid Attention Inference Network for Motion Forecasting
Jiachen Li, Fan Yang, Hengbo Ma, Srikanth Malla, Masayoshi Tomizuka, Chiho Choi
ICCV 2021
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Social-STAGE: Spatio-Temporal Multi-Modal Future Trajectory Forecast
Srikanth Malla, Chiho Choi, Behzad Dariush
ICRA 2021
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Shared Cross-Modal Trajectory Prediction for Autonomous Driving
Chiho Choi, Joon Hee Choi, Jiachen Li, Srikanth Malla
CVPR 2021 [Oral]
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TITAN: Future Forecast using Action Priors
Srikanth Malla, Behzad Dariush, Chiho Choi
CVPR 2020 [Oral]
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DROGON: A Trajectory Prediction Model based on Intention-Conditioned Behavior Reasoning
Chiho Choi, Srikanth Malla, Abhishek Patil, Joon Hee Choi
CORL 2020
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SSP: Single Shot Future Trajectory Prediction
Isht Dwivedi, Srikanth Malla, Behzad Dariush, Chiho Choi
IROS 2020
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The H3D Dataset for Full-Surround 3D Multi-Object Detection and Tracking in Crowded Urban Scenes
Abhishek Patil, Srikanth Malla, Haiming Gang, Yi-Ting Chen
ICRA 2019
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Semi-supervised Learning: Fusion of Self-supervised, Supervised Learning, and Multimodal Cues for Tactical Driver Behavior Detection
Athma Narayanan, Yi-Ting Chen, Srikanth Malla
CVPR 2018, Deep Vision Workshop
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Development of an Intelligent Pressure Measuring Technique using Radial Basis Neural Network
Naveen Kumar Vaegae, Venkata Lakshmi Narayana, Srikanth Malla
Elsevier Sensors and Transducers Physical A Journal 2016
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